Tuesday, January 2, 2007

think faster, get better

On this blog
I found an article that states that thinking faster is good against depression.

Now knowing smart children that have problems with adjustment to school because they think faster than school wants, is not this article saying: "we found a relationship between thinkingspeed and depression. People who think slower than they are programmed to do get depressed. The cure is to let them think at their own pace, that is thinking fast."

I don't know. I just know that if I don't blog or do some kind of cognitive challenge everyday, I am not a pleasant person and the laundry seems like a very heavy chore.

The reactions on the post are worth reading too. Especially the one of the man who has different kinds of music for different kinds of activities.

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Anonymous said...

Fascinating. I've noticed that when I'm depressed I think more slowly, but I hadn't really considered the opposite direction. I wonder if there's some limit: too much speed for too long a time is stressful. The blog with the cognitive psychology studies is a good find.

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