Thursday, February 18, 2010

brain noise or brain music?

In 2006 Pouget discovered that brain noise fits well a Poisson distribution, implicating the sound of the brain fits Bayesian computing. Neurons are not just randomly making noise, this noise is meaningful.

I propose an idea that the brain is a music instrument, and intuition it's meaningful overtone. Maybe this is why we can love music, it reflects our own thinking, musical brain, always busy to search accordance between firing neurons. Now my question is: if you believe in g'd, who plays the instrument? Is it the brain (the machine), is it the soul or is it g'd, or is it a combination of all three?

It would mean that communication results in sound in the brain. Do we translate all input of our senses (partly)into sound? Or is it just the decision making that is accompanied with Bayesian computing?
Is playing the instrument pulling snippets out of a library of meaningful ideas? This research of Pouget inspires me. And even though he focusses on the machine and I on the player and designer, I'm curious about how it continues.

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