Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Back from France

This year I went to France with the children. We went at the riverside of the Loire. We enjoyed riding on the cyclorail, a bicycle that rides on the old traintracks. Over a long steel man made bridge, an old military project. Men lost their hearing ability constructing it, the guide said. We enjoyed the natural life with deer approaching our caravan in the early morning. We also visited Sancerre, a village on the top of a hill, with a great view on the grapevine filled 'coteaux'(hillsides) of Sancerre. There were different painters and a six meter fresque at the connetable, depicting a medieval scene with the connetable listening to the tales of a goatherd. I don't know which I prefer, white Sancerre or Pouilly. Usually I'm not fond of white wine, but Sancerre or Pouilly is simply delicious.

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