Saturday, December 24, 2011

After finishing writing my book for Nanowrimo I turn my head to my family and housekeeping. December is short days, waking up in the dark, finding presents that are worthwhile for the children. I found geometric puzzles for my son who now enjoys resolving them. The smile on his face is precious. My other son shows me the Cheops puzzle he managed to solve. He is our youngest child. He didn't need help to do it. The shop is stopping this year. Where will I find the same quality of puzzles and toys? We are really enjoying our vacation. There is a pile of books on the table. The children brought books from school to read. Tomorrow a friend is comming to bake coockies with the children. A colleague from the USA is invited.
I feel so much better than last year and I'm very thankful for this.
In the back of my head I reread my book. I'm pleased with what I have written and don't think there is much I want to change...

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