Sunday, March 30, 2008

what's a high need anyway

Is internet fulfilling our highest needs or not? For me my highest needs are still fulfilled by books and articles. This is because books can ellaborate for pages on one subject. And I really enjoy that.
However, for expression of thoughts and finding the books I want to read, I have been using internet -also for finding subjects, issues, blogentries, articles, forums.

televisions and scaffolds

In an exerpt from Kameenui and Simmons (1999) the purpose of a scaffold is to make sure a student "gets it" or masters the first learning step in order to achieve some independence in learning.
The purpose of a scaffold is then to remove it.
Somehow televisions aren't scaffolds; I find it hard to remove mine. On teachervision, a list for evaluating scaffolds is provided. Maybe some teaching methods make more dependent than others and are somehow more like my television.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

puzzle creation

Do you want to make your own wordsearch puzzle? It may be just for fun or to surprise someone or educational.
Or create your own amazing mazes.
Or start a business with making cardboard puzzles.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

free to move

The afternoon when the children were free for holidays their mood changed from impatient discontent to happy helping around the house without being grumpy. Is the idea of being free that important? Freedom of movement can be an important motivator.

*new* item at Chez Odile is the metachat where Creatives and Thinkers meet.


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