Wednesday, November 29, 2006

wednesday, schools out.

This is my first post. Hello, I'm a mother and the weather is very good here in the North of the Netherlands. The hottest november in 300 years. We just had voting day last week and I wasn't happy about the polarisation that took place.
I'm also a writer about a psychological subject: thinking. I just finished writing the manuscript and I already have a problem. Someone wants my advice on my subject: conceptual thinking. It's about her child that has problems at school. The story sounds like one on underachieving. But there is also another angle to it.
Why isn't my book published yet? I have people who want to buy it... I have a publisher reading the manuscript in Belgium, and one form filled in at a New York agency. My sister was an au-pair for a year at New York. But as I understand it, it is important to have a platform, this is a word that I find an example of a fuzzy concept.
What's a platform? I searched for the answer to this question and found the answer at
My speciality is how to help the development of children. Learning problems related to high intelligence.
Feel free to ask questions. The subject of my book is typically also interesting for adults. E.g my brother in law was interested and he works in hightech design.
But in the mean time I'll be a rolemodel for Europeans who prefer to publish non-fiction in American English.


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