Wednesday, January 24, 2007

How the man on the box would have been happy blogging

I started blogging as a way of expressing my thoughts that I used to keep to myself, because most people don't like "deep" conversation as much as I do, though all over the planet many people resemble me and prefer to have these conversations on a broad variety of subjects but cannot always do so. Also I wrote a book and I started thinking about how to market it. A blog would serve both purposes: it's useful for my book and a space to express myself, because I really need to express myself in between doing the laundry.

I think about the man standing on a box in a park and speaking out to the people in the street walking by. How big is his chance at attracting the audience he would have wanted to hear him. Today, I have a better chance to attract some people that will enjoy what I have to say than that man in the park had and better yet, they can actually say something back. I can use keywords in my blog that will attract only those who want to read about that particular subject. How happy would this man have been if he could have blogged...

I have been reading how to build a niche and stumbled on a discussion that I would like to share especially with other writers that blog to build a platform for their book. The discussion is about the choice of wanting to reach large numbers of readers or a small particular audience.

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