Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Leaders and limits

Presidents are limited. They have to work within boundaries that are limited. Only their creativity and deep understanding can make it possible for them to break out of their psychological prison. This is why a dictator cannot easily change being a dictator. He would have to be able to find the right words and thoughts to convince those who sustain him. He is bound by the spirit of those who surround him and would have to be able to inspire them to change. What dictators are able to do this? To achieve meaningful change, one needs to read meaningful books. Kindness, honesty, patience, compassion are far better motivations than a blame-culture. Blame returns to the sender.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Content after city2cities

After city2cities my head is full of ideas. I want to write but my house needs my attention, so do the children. In the bus to the hospital I wrote in my booklet. I often write when using public transportation. I sent two short stories that I wrote this week. I hope one will be published (in Dutch). I'm not at the level that I win first prizes. I'm in the peloton. Can I be in the peloton for longer stories? There is only one way to find out, practice. Very short stories can be written in between doing laundry and shopping. While cleaning I feel the pull of wanting to write. Maybe it's better to distance myself from writing a bit and being busy with my hands.
In the background of my thoughts I think about improving my writing skills with lessons or with a coach. I can ask a coach to look at how I write and to give me specific training. But it costs much more than a course.
I have learned from feedback this month that my content is good but that my style could be better. At the writers forum I visit I see how other writers progress and notice their style improves through practice. At some point they start winning prizes, then they try to write articles. After a while they want to publish a book. When they continue, eventually they get published. My content is worth the effort.

Monday, April 30, 2012

paradise with Kafka

The temperature outside is at last comfortable. Yesterday we visited the cultural happening city2cities, where I was nominated with a very short story in the honor of Kafka. I enjoyed the interview of Jáchim Topol by Abdelkader Benali. We had questions for Jáchim Topol, but no room for questions. For this interview alone it was worth the ride to Utrecht (Netherlands).
It's a pitty that writers are one-way friends. The communication with a writer follows a distinct pattern differing from normal communication. A deceased writer doesn't know what future generations want to say to them, a contemporary writer has just a bit more opportunities to hear readers reactions. A writer gives his thoughts to the reader. The reader's response stays muted in his mind.
Unfortunately I live in a poor-artistic environment. On the other hand I have the advantage of peace and quiet to write and develop my thoughts without disturbances.
Maybe paradise is to sit and talk with Kafka on a beautiful afternoon.

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