Wednesday, December 13, 2006

to combine L-directed and R-directed thinking

In the midst of the fascinating discussion about education in technology in America, I suggest one reads about the methods and ideas of Feuerstein, I found a point that directly relates to my book:

I think one of the points that's not coming across in this post is that in "A Whole New Mind" the point isn't to go completely R-directed thinking, but to combine L-directed and R-directed thinking.
Posted by: Mark Fowler Nov 3, 2006 2:39:25 AM

And how would you call the combination of both L- and R- directed thinking?

I also liked the idea in the article about talking about science with your child every day. Reading science books to your child can also be an idea if you´re less verbal. I know some dutch books that are very funny with experiments and some historic facts.

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