Wednesday, December 27, 2006

amazing playground, boys and mums

Want to be lost and found? Or do you want to playfully teach children to solve problems without them realising? Get amazed. The idea that playgrounds could use more structure to steer the behaviour of children and their interaction is one that I welcome, having seen the results of a test in the Netherlands on aggressive behaviour some years ago. The idea that aggression is best prevented by practicing restraint got support in this experiment instead of the idea of diminishing it through unleashing it. Another good idea would be to promote reading on raising boys. It would be a good idea to make very easy to read books on how to raise young boys for parents. Maybe a video to show at schools with tips for parents.
is a site where you can read more about raising emotionally strong boys. I like that this site even has a section "talking about war and violence". Typically it is a subject that worries boys and that mothers (hum hum) tend to avoid.

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