Thursday, December 21, 2006

blog organisation

A medical metaphor of blogging

Blogs are body cells of an organism. There are more and more of these created and after a while, when a body grows, the cells start to specialise themselves, mostly according to their position. They take on functions and create organs. Some become digestive, some canalise (like blood vessels), some are highly specialised, from some it is not clear how they are developing.
Am I clear about how I want this blog to develop?

A theatrical metaphor of blogging

Blogs are fully equipped stages where people recite monologues. Some recite all on one stage at the same time. There is a choice problem. There is a programming problem. Nobody holds the program. There is a map, this map is made by listing the labels.

A mole model of blogging

Blogs are shops in a mole that change of owner and specialisation all the time. You go to the mole and go to the shops picking out blogs by the title hanging over the shop.

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