Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Content after city2cities

After city2cities my head is full of ideas. I want to write but my house needs my attention, so do the children. In the bus to the hospital I wrote in my booklet. I often write when using public transportation. I sent two short stories that I wrote this week. I hope one will be published (in Dutch). I'm not at the level that I win first prizes. I'm in the peloton. Can I be in the peloton for longer stories? There is only one way to find out, practice. Very short stories can be written in between doing laundry and shopping. While cleaning I feel the pull of wanting to write. Maybe it's better to distance myself from writing a bit and being busy with my hands.
In the background of my thoughts I think about improving my writing skills with lessons or with a coach. I can ask a coach to look at how I write and to give me specific training. But it costs much more than a course.
I have learned from feedback this month that my content is good but that my style could be better. At the writers forum I visit I see how other writers progress and notice their style improves through practice. At some point they start winning prizes, then they try to write articles. After a while they want to publish a book. When they continue, eventually they get published. My content is worth the effort.

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