Monday, April 30, 2012

paradise with Kafka

The temperature outside is at last comfortable. Yesterday we visited the cultural happening city2cities, where I was nominated with a very short story in the honor of Kafka. I enjoyed the interview of Jáchim Topol by Abdelkader Benali. We had questions for Jáchim Topol, but no room for questions. For this interview alone it was worth the ride to Utrecht (Netherlands).
It's a pitty that writers are one-way friends. The communication with a writer follows a distinct pattern differing from normal communication. A deceased writer doesn't know what future generations want to say to them, a contemporary writer has just a bit more opportunities to hear readers reactions. A writer gives his thoughts to the reader. The reader's response stays muted in his mind.
Unfortunately I live in a poor-artistic environment. On the other hand I have the advantage of peace and quiet to write and develop my thoughts without disturbances.
Maybe paradise is to sit and talk with Kafka on a beautiful afternoon.

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