Saturday, January 20, 2007

Is starting with thinking a problem?

Yesterday an insight was on my path when I was on my bicycle coming home with the groceries for the weekend. Insights don't always come when I want them to come, they tend to come on days I clear my head when doing a chore or relax and let go. My thoughts then wander in their own pace and feel like sailing on a smooth lake with a mild wind.
Thinking skills should be tought to achieve higher order education, but what about when you start out with higher thinking skills? Is there no challenge in education when you start with high processing?


ktismatics said...

Yesterday I walked along the beach trying to have an insight about something... about anything. Alas, no success. I believe you're right: you have to be open and let the insights take shape before you.

The English word "insight": I assume it means "to see into" -- for the perceiver to penetrate the surface of something, to get inside it. But it could also mean just the opposite: for something to get inside of you, so you can see it from inside yourself.

Does the word "insight" have similar connotations in French and Flemish?

Odile S said...

In Dutch, 'insight' is translated to 'inzicht' and is almost identical to English. As if you can see into it. But also and especially that you see it with your mind's eye.
The French word vision is from latin and does not refer to insight but to 'seeing an image before your eyes', more like an overview or picturing it.

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