Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Are altruistic people better observers?

Do people that are altruistic look more at other people and metathink more about them? Or do people that look and think more about other people behave more altruisticaly? The interesting outcome of an experiment gives rise to more questions, as is often the case in Psychology due to it's pioneer status. (precisely the reason why I like Psychology)
The absence of activity in the area that is responsible for getting a reward is even more puzzling. This does support my own thought that humans that can do metathinking prefer that over lower reaction patterns and it is in my opinion support for the hierarchy of Kohlberg (stages of moral reasoning ).
In an article of E.J. Mundell at the Washington Post a description of a research published by Huettel and Tankersley online in an issue of Nature Neuroscience.

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