Wednesday, January 31, 2007

organize cupboards & learning in steps

I don't know about you, but here, after January it is the start of trying to organize my house and especially the cupboards. I have children and the youngest is still at home and he is so full of initiative and exploration. I have cupboards with paint, materials, paper, wool, scissors, and much more... He can make such a tapestry of things, it is unbelievable. When I'm doing the laundry, he can disorganize more than I can organize.
Okay, so organizing is not my strongest point at all. I was not the most organized person before I became a mother, I still am not, but I am on the other end of the spectrum, I have children that make electrical circuits themselves... That should count for something.
First they took apart the box of electrical experiments (it was not a very expensive one) and then they used every little bit in another way than they were supposed to. They wrapped the electrical wire around the arm of the doll to make jewelry.
After two years, my son asked me to buy him exactly the same box for his birthday. I did and he went upstairs. A quarter of an hour later he came down and had put together the circuit exactly how it was supposed to be, and completely on his own.
For those who resemble me and want to think some more or read some more before doing, this link might save you some time and energy.


Awesome Mom said...

I grew up plating with electric motors and the like since my father was an electronics teacher. It was loads of fun but now I can't wire anything to save my life. I guess I forgot all of my skills. Sounds like you have a fun home for kids to explore in. I keep some things in cabinets for my toddlers to get into. They think they are being naughty even though I put it there just for them to get into.

Odile S said...

:D I read (part of) Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance and realized I was blocked for some reason... Soon after I read the book I started fixing problems around the house.

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