Thursday, January 11, 2007

global learner & details

I know a student that experiences constant friction between 'detail' and 'creative thinking' in learning. At one of the best schools in this region (somewhere in the Netherlands), the method "first the building blocks, then the play" is preferred. This means there is much attention for details, precise skills and knowledge. Felder and Soloman give advice for this difficulty. When you are a global learner, it is important to have an overview of what you learn, before you start learning details.
Felder and Soloman listed some important differences in learning styles between students and give concise advice.
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ktismatics said...

We moved to France from the US when our daughter was 9 years old. Her American school was very child-centered: no tests, no grades, no curriculum. The teacher tried to identify each child's interests and work with him or her. Granted, this was an unusual school for America, but it does reflect a general national attitude toward learning. Quite the opposite in France: teacher-centered, many tests, strong emphasis on grades, nationally standardized curriculum. Fortunately our daughter is skilled at figuring out what is demanded by the system and then adapting herself accordingly. Still, most American parents cannot believe the severity of the French school system. That, even more than the language barrier, often leads Americans to put their kids in international schools.

Odile S said...

It sounds like from one end of the spectrum to the other. The Dutch schools put al lot of effort into standardization, but at the same time try to get loose of the idea that everyone has to be equal. I have my roots in France being half Dutch and half French, and I can see advantages in all systems as well as disadvantages. The severe system has disadvantages, but there might be fewer problems with underachieving, I don't know. Here we have underachievement because children that work hard are pitied. I prefer adaptive education, but in any school, a good teacher and a safe environment are the most important part of the system.

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