Sunday, January 21, 2007

who is I?

Is there a publisher that can help a woman, mother and 90% nerd (nerd test, I know, it does not count) to publish a book on a subject that might benefit mothers of potentially smart children? It's been 42 years of doubt whether I should consider myself a language person or a science person, and I'm still multilingual... Help!
Multilingual friends are: deaf friends, minorities, highest educated, lowest educated, authors of the books in my cupboard, technicians (speak the language of technic, mathemathics), mathematicians (speaking in equations), you, my reader. (being cited last is actually an honor)

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Chris W. said...

I'm happy to see that musicians or musically-inclined people can be considered multi-lingual. Now I can put my German-speaking wife's fears (that she married a simpleton) to rest, since I speak and think Music.

Thank you for this insight!

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