Friday, January 26, 2007

educator doubts

I'm a mother and I have a problem. I have the urge to do scaffolding with everyone around me. I don't know at what age this started, if I did it before my children were born, or when I was young, but I tend to get into a discussion and take the level higher, if I can. Of course this will be difficult when I know nothing about the subject, but I do try. I will even turn a discussion about cars to a discussion about design and psychology in order to be able to scaffold... I even give puzzles to men in their hands who then start trying to solve the cube of Rubic and then get frustrated. I even don't stop at young men, I even try to get older people to play. Do you think this is annoying? Please tell me.


Chris W. said...

This is the first time I have ever heard of this conversation technique being called scaffolding, but I am familiar with the concept. My friends and I played this "game" with each other and kept each other's minds sharpened. My wife, who doesn't like children, uses this technique to steer lunchtable talk away from "baby/toddler/kid-talk".

It's simply a way to use diversion to get people to talk about mutually stimulating subjects. If you did this with me, I wouldn't be the slightest offended. I'd take a hint, if anything.

john doyle said...

That's my favorite kind of conversation. Too often conversation turns into debate, me versus you, instead of both participants trying to synthesize or advance. This is how human civilization proceeds -- and individual human minds, too.

Have you some reason to believe that you're being annoying? Do you meet with resistance from adults? Are men more resistant than women to this game, in your experience?

Odile S said...

Actually, I think that men allow themselves to think more than women do in social conversation.
I think women ar more resistant than men when it comes to intelligent talk, but men are more serious and it´s more fun to challenge men to do puzzles in a social gathering.

Anonymous said...

Often men don't have much to say at all, whereas women are more likely to talk about people and houses rather than ideas and knowledge. (By the way, I am also John -- I sometimes forget who I am in these comments.)

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