Thursday, January 18, 2007

from special to mainstream education

I gave a link to an explanation on scaffolding before. The idea was first followed in special education. It is very popular right now. I see a trend that novel education ideas are first used with the children that have the highest need for help (mediation) by their higher educated teachers and then when it is succesful finds its way to other childrens education. Autism is a spectrum where there is high need of help in education. Many autistic children can only learn with intensive training and don't transfer knowledge. Others function at a high level, but have typical impairments. One way of support for parents is looking at other parents who use techniques with their children, e.g. a video on scaffolding.


Rashenbo said...

Hello Odile,

I noticed your signature on absolute write and thought I'd pop over to your blog and say hi. Interesting entries you have here. I'll have to come back again! :)

Cheers and Happy Friday!

Odile S said...

You're welcome!

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