Saturday, February 16, 2008

scaffold for self-esteem

Yesterday I gathered ingredients for making home made self-esteem soup. Today we're going to try to make it ourselves using the metafor of soup and play.
First we need to gather the ingredients. In order to make the experience tactile, we'll need pots and labels or pieces of paper, maybe seashells or pebbles. Anything that can represent an ingredient that we want to teach in the self-esteem soup.
One possible list would be:

- hart; this could be a pebble that symbolizes the heart and respiration, life and love for oneself, self-appreciation. A child can fondle the pebble when before an exam to remember to feel good about himself and to distract from negative feelings.
- resilience -just a little bit gets a long way. Children can be explained what resilience is and how it works. A empty salt jar with resilience written on it makes it easier to remember the idea of resilience to pop up when necessary.
- let them write their own positive ideas on scraps of paper and maybe make labels of these, or put the scraps as a salade in a pot to mix them with a spoon.
- don't forget higher goals such as forgiveness.

Have fun making your own recipy.
You can also look at toxins that you have to leave out. I as a parent would have to work at reducing 'criticism' or replacing it with a less salt version. I'm going to use the salt for this one.

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