Tuesday, November 13, 2007

my secret passion as a mom

My secret passion is to create my children after birth, not to make them dependent, not spoiled, but deeply caring, intelligent, thoughtful. Who will see people around them with more attention than superficially. Who will look at the inside of people. Who want to read and learn and appreciate thoughts and feelings of others. This creation is a kind of attentive action and discussion. Searching endlessly for meaning and activity. There's no end to what you can master or learn and there's too little time. Children who touch the hearts of others but also look into their own thoughts and feelings and interprete them.


Unknown said...

That's a fantastic goal. You have to both model and stimulate. As my dad used to say, what every teacher wants is for every student to be better than her teacher.

Odile S said...

Thanks for your comment sam, this is a point where we are in complete agreement - regardless of possible historical or cultural differences. It's an important point too. Your father was surely a wise person.

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