Tuesday, June 26, 2007

5 excellent blogs for personnal growth

best read together:
(1) Ktismatics

(2) Serendip

(4) Jason Hesiak

(5) Samcarr's blog

(6) Chez Odile

What do you say? It does not add up? Well I'm just copying normal human behaviour, that is not logical at all. In fact hardly ever do human beings have thoughts that are consistent with each other. That's why I like to read these blogs to find some consistency in this atopia. (find out in which blog atopia is described)


john doyle said...

I'm not so sure these 5 blogs represent normal human behavior.

Odile S said...

I'm not sure of anything.

Unknown said...

Odile, I agree with John, and your idea of 'normal' is sure to frighten some people!

I had a professor who always inclue one 'total nonsense' question in any MCQ test like "how many heads does the average human have?" and invariably quite a number would have marked anything other than 1.

Odile S said...

We all try to be logical in our thinking, but cannot when we think the world is fitting in a few dimensions.
My first thought about your comment, Sam, is that probably the students didn't read the questions at all.
And this is in contradiction with my statement that I expect irrational thinking in normal human behavior.
Which affirms what I pretend to be true and at the same time defies it.

Unknown said...

Yes Odile, misreading is common, so is assumption 'heads' is plural so a multiple is marked. The brain is not really registering an interacting with the question. I also think there were more untreated dyslexics in those days...

Odile S said...

Dyslexia, how come I didn't think of that. And I read about it often enough. Why don't I transfer that knowledge to real life... When often I tranfer too much.

*new* item at Chez Odile is the metachat where Creatives and Thinkers meet.


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