Monday, May 14, 2007

unplugged scaffolding

Because the birthday of one of the children is comming up, I've searched and found a few books and games that you might like. Usually I give something for their birthday that is a developmental challenge for the child at that time.
The books are in Dutch but the games might be interesting. I'm going to give a link to a dutch site and try to find an English counterpart. Thinkfun, Dutch site that delivers pretty good games and a site that describes abstract games are among my favorite. Wooden puzzle challenges can be difficult even for very bright children. That's good!

I love difficult.


Chris W. said...

Hi... I need to tell you that your link for the wooden puzzles is broken. Can you fix it? I'm interested in those kinds of puzzles, and I have a few myself.

Odile S said...

Thanks Chris, I fixed it :D.

Odile S said...

Chris, I've searched an English site about wooden puzzles. So far I found this one:

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