Sunday, May 6, 2007

city or village-life?

I have moved many times and moving usually means new friends, neighbors and life-changes. We have to choose between living in the city center next door to the schools or in a small village nearby, with the possibility of a garden. That's a tough choice. The city-life will mean theater, bookshops, shopping and other things important to us, but also keeping my smallest one in close boundaries - a highly energetic boy that likes to discover the world and who loves nature - inside. Will that work? The village-life will mean space in and around the house, woods, but always have to use transportation.


john doyle said...

They both sound like good choices. For me the vitality of the city center is one of the distinctive features of Europe vis-a-vis America.

Odile S said...

I haven't chosen yet, the possiblities always seem to increase rather than decrease before I make a choice. They aren't all real choices. First of all, we need to sell the house, and this means I have to get a new bucket of paint, for the stainless rug idea. This house is not the choice for people who like to be the same. This means most people here will not buy it, unless they are good at reducing variability.

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