Tuesday, February 20, 2007

brainloneliness & other neologisms

I tried to add a new word to Wikipedia: brainloneliness and even provided an article link to a times article on pain measured in the brain when lonely. But I was very soon sent a message about how young editors cannot resist the urge to invent new words and submit them to Wikipedia. Feeling very brainlonely, I googled for neologisms on the WWW and found a little collection. Needless to say it did not contain brainloneliness. Never mind, I probably misspelled it anyway.


Anonymous said...

A sampling of new English words, decade by decade, over the last sixty years can be found .

Anonymous said...

Funny, my last comment's link is on the period at the end of the sentence. Anyhow, I've coined a new word too: ktismatics -- the theory and practice of creation. I don't think it'll catch on, though -- too hard to pronounce.

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