Thursday, February 1, 2007

Bayesian maths for intuition

I read an article today that reflects my ideas on thinking. Brain patterns make noise, says Pouget, but the noise makes sense, he calls it "variability". The noise follows a pattern that can be predicted through Bayesian mathematics. It would explain why intuition appears after some time. It would be the result of an accord between neurons. These Bayesian patterns would make sense without looking as if they make sense.
This remembers me the time I was learning mathematics. One teacher made me sigh and I didn't understand much that year. Another teacher was able to explain the amazing relationships that I failed to see the year before. I learned maths and I learned that who teaches makes a difference and changes whether you perceive yourself as a possible mathematician or not.


Anonymous said...

Likely as people learn to recognize the patterns of their fellow humans' actions and motivations they will begin to find it easier to predict what people will do. This may be a primary function of the neocortex in regards to social interaction.

Odile S said...

Interesting point, Stevenski.

I think of humans as being more than the machine.
Before, "instinct" was believed to be innate and now machines are "preprogrammed to learn". There seems that some of these patterns are individual and exist before birth somehow.
I don't think all there is is a history chip, though. I think man steers the machine, rather than conscience being a spin off of the machine.

Anonymous said...

I have been undecided on this. Are we machines that learn? Or learners that happen to have machinery to get us by until we can learn? Personally, I hope it's the latter, but I'm currently leaning towards the former.

Odile S said...

Before birth, babies interact with their parents. To do any interaction you will need tools; the machine. But the will (to live among others) is what steers the machine, sometimes the machine will take over, when the ego and superego are week. (fatigue, pain, birth,...) but even then there is the personnal touch that is added by the evaluation of what happens. You can do amazing things with your will.

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