Monday, September 29, 2014

writing coach

About every two weeks I'm a writing coach. I always hope the participants, who love to write, like me, have inspiration from the writing-assignment I give them. The last assignment involved a white sheet lying on the street.
Since three years of participating at writingcontests in Dutch, I have twelve publications of short stories. I won three contests. The strange thing is that winning can get in the way of creativity. I tend to expect more and more of myself, and this is a sure recipy for writer's block. Before I wrote for fun, after I wrote to win. The solution is to start writing for fun again. Not to expect to win everytime, to have the greatest story-ideas every round. Originality and high expectations don't always go together well. I'm reading the Comic Toolbox by John Vorhaus and he seems to agree with me.
I have to find my way to create plots on demand. Here also the Comic Toolbox is helpfull. 

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