Friday, June 25, 2010

what is integrity?

When you hear someone say something about someone else, do you stop and check if the grounds are honest? Have you heard both sides of the story? Are the persons focussing on the negative or on the positive aspects of the other? Is the person neutral of tone or e.g. resentful? Who is listening and who is not? Who is curtuous?
The truth is not necessarily what most people say, remember how many used to think the earth is flat and were prepared to execute a scientist who said otherwise. Not the number of people defines integrity. I then asked myself what then defines it and came to the conclusion that when you don't know you need more information, when I don't know I refrain judgement until I have more knowledge about a certain question. Most of the knowledge I have of actuality is of oneliners, short items on the news and we know about bias that accompagnies those. I don't really know much, unless I read more in depth, and even then what do I know.

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