Friday, February 13, 2009

blood is...

"Blood is red!" said the children in the classroom of my daughter. "when it's inside your body it can be blue." I replied. They weren't going to change their opinion. During the arts lesson, many children tried to convince me. They came up with arguments, red is the colour. You can see it, blue is only the colour of the vein, not of the blood.
I touched the story that before the earth was thought to be flat. One of the children started to defend that point of view. They did think it to be a good idea to check internet or to ask a doctor.


BBat50 said...

Odile, Merci pour avoir visite mon blog: et laisse un comment. (Que mon francais est un desastre).

By the way,its a point of view (not vue, which is the French spelling).

BTW - two great sites to work on your english: and
Apprendre le vocabulaire Anglais

Odile S said...

Thank you Bbat50 for your comment, I corrected the mistake. I happened to translate to French 'point de vue' lately, this shows how using language makes it more accessible, even if I don't want it to. For changing this type of mistake I think more consciousness would work better than learning English vocabulary, because I actually knew how to write point of view. I was simply not conscious that I wrote it in French. Also writing blogs in three languages, the spelling checker will work only in one language. Otherwise I would simply use the spellingchecker of blogger.

Odile S said...

update: I visited your site on learning vocabulary and played a wordgame. I admit it's fun and can be useful.

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