Monday, September 29, 2008

being responsible

Who is responsible? I or else? As a child I thought that responsibility and guilt of mistakes was close to each other. Then I thought about the difference between guilt and responsibility. You can be not guilty of circumstances but still responsible for how the circumstances act upon your life, especially when life is a challenge.
Is there a I? Where is the location of the I? Should it be me who is in charge?
As a parent I would be quick to say yes, but it's been fruitful to reask myself how my responsibility looks like and understand my self. Understanding my self is the key to cross the bridge to relate to others.


blueVicar said...


I ask myself the same questions...who am I? Where am I? Recently I read some of Eckard Tolle and his experience of the "dark night of the soul" led him to this question too...

The fact that I can watch myself, think of myself, I feel as if I am really two. Doubling...

Glad to drop by and see what you are thinking about these days.

Meilleurs voeux!!

Odile S said...

thanks for your visit!
I don't know Eckard Tolle but I've been reading about 'soul' and ethics lately. I am trying to teach the children about ethics, to do good more explicitely. So far it's been fun.
I also have a double inside (tripple, quadruple?)

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