Sunday, April 8, 2007

school gives space to work

Within one week my son started behaving less well and feeling worse very rapidly at home. I picked up the phone and talked to his teacher. This appeared to be the same at school. My son has been complaining about school for years. We have been talking to schools and trying to fix all problems one at the time. This time I was alarmed and I picked up the phone and called another school. Further away, but the teacher made an appointment for the next day. My son heard it and wanted to come with me. He did and the next day we were looking at the school. The day after my son asked me when he could go there. After the week-end, I agreed with the teacher. Since he is there he feels much better. He started working again. This all happened within one week. It is striking how he is independent in going to school. The teacher says they give space to the children. I experienced this when I was in the building. The children had work lying around in progress everywhere around. I felt at home.


john doyle said...

That's really great news. I'm sure you're relieved, and now your son can get on with his life. It might not solve everything, but it sets him on a better path through this part of his life. Kids get labeled as having a problem when often it's just a bad fit with the environment they're in. I'm beginning to think the same about our daughter here. Her schoolwork is good but she's not happy and socially isolated. I think maybe it's just a bad fit for her, because she's generally a cheerful kid and very sociable in the right situations.

Odile S said...

I am relieved. These weeks I will have to tidy up my house to sell it. My father is coming from France to help with some defects and restaurations. That's one of his specialities. "mettre en valeur". Making something out of nothing.
Hey, we're back on your subject, creating.
He calls it nothing, I call it skill.
We feel that a change will be good for us.
You're right, we also feel that we don't fit here. The environment is simply too little intellectual for us, especially in the schools.
The school where my daughter goes is too far away with busses that don't connect well.
BTW my daughter kan be cheerful and sociable too, but she used to play with children of artists and university teachers before we mooved here.

Odile S said...

Update: my son continued to improve since he is in that new school. The space he gets is very beneficial and he's now happy to go to school. He is not just accepted but he is liked. I'm so thankfull for this school and the teachers.

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