Sunday, December 24, 2006

if nominalist: don't read my metaphors

Nominalists are at risk of anthropomorphism when they read metaphors on blogging.


ORION said...

I read your post on AW.
Have you used to find agents in your genre?
Rejections can be cold!
We read into them so much of the time. I have over 70 (for different projects) over the last 3 years. My third novel got me my agent and it was just bought in early Dec. by Putnam. The deal will be posted in Jan.
My point is that it truly can happen...
Merry Christmas

ORION said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!
Interestingly enough Dutch rights to my novel just sold last week!

ORION said...

That would be great! I'll let you know!

*new* item at Chez Odile is the metachat where Creatives and Thinkers meet.

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