Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I do recycling. First I started when I was a student. I saw half of Amsterdam put used furniture outside on the streets and the other half take it inside. I cannot count how many cupboards, chairs and items I collected this way. I now don't need to save money the same way, but when I see a perfect piece of furniture, I think of at least two things. One is that it's a shame to use up the raw materials in just a few generations, the other is if I can really use this furniture in my house, now we're wanting to moove.
This morning I first noticed the bureau chair when bringing my children to school with my cargo bicycle. A cargo bicycle is built for transportation. A chair is no problem. Returning from school I noticed that the chair is in mint condition and is easy maintenance. It looks new and comfortable. So I went to sit on it. It sat very comfortable. I don't have a bureau chair now, nor am I going to shop for one soon. So I took the chair home. Guess where I'm sitting now? My back says thanks.


blueVicar said...

Yippee, Odile, I'm so happy to know another "scavenger"! We found several useful pieces in France and a table since we have been back in the USA. Folks here scoff at recycled furniture, but I have done quite well finding used things to put in our little house.

I feel happy to saved so many things from being discarded. And you and I have another thing in common!

Meilleurs voeux!!

Odile S said...

It's true, another thing in common!
It's nearly a pitty we live so far away...

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