Wednesday, January 16, 2008

mini scaffolds

This morning the teacher and I sat both next to my youngest son. He had to finish a snake of beads on nails. He was reluctant to finish it, because it was a little bit difficult. Just to observe him, you could see how difficult it was for him to continue this work that was not too difficult, but that frustrated him just a little bit. The mini scaffolds allowed were that the teacher would show which row was the right one, that we picked the colours for him in advance to narrow the choice down to two colours, and that we asked how many beads he had to skip in between the patches. In the beginning, he sighed a lot - sighing cools a overheated brain - for us a signal that he works at thinking. In the beginning there were a lot of stops and distraction rate was high, then, he seemed to grasp the idea and speed went up.

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