Saturday, January 19, 2008

bipolar direction

Instead of bipolar depression, I've two directions at this present moment that pull at me. One is to read a book of a close friend author, the other is to cowrite a manifest for education from enlightened parents viewpoint. I can't help think of four books I'm reading, still surprisingly actual even though the book of Piaget contains ideas formulated before the second world war...
(1) pedagogy book on Dutch pedagogic thinkers
(2) booklet of Piaget commenting education
(3) book of Feuerstein on assessment with his method
(4) book of Tzuriel on dynamic assessment

Also I have to think on blog entries I have been making both on this blog and on the Dutch blog since I started this blog.

Both directions were becomming apparent last year already. Now they're starting to assume a shape.

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