Sunday, December 9, 2007

Sorry I

This week I had excellent news and was a busy bee. I gave presents to the children: e.g. a book on microscopes, a Dutch cooperative learning game called Tridio, Hive (we immediately started playing that one - I was beaten by a 7 year-old), a set to bake a cake or an applepie.
Probably my article will get published on blanco regel, my first e-zine article. It's an article on blogging filled with ideas.
Well, my writing starts to ressemble my coocking: trying to obtain combinations of healthy and good taste thinking, sporadically off, often looks strange because of frequent lack of interest for the presentation.
I wrote a new publisher an e-mail and got a request for a full or a partial the same day. To distract myself from the book I'm going to invent games and do writing contests. I enterred 4, in Dutch.

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