Monday, December 3, 2007

scaffold the morning ritual

I find it difficult to wake up the children when it's dark in the morning. It's nearly completely dark when the children go to school. Also it's rainy and cold.
How could I construct a scaffold for this?
First what kind of development do I want to see. I want them to use their own alarm every morning, to set it and to wake up when it rings. I want them to dress up and make their food for school and not to forget sports items they need that day. I want them to find their socks themselves.
To get them to do this, it will be necessary to first teach how to use batteries and to know how to read the time and to set the time right.
To stand up in the morning and put out the alarm seems easy, but for a child it's not that easy. When your eyes aren't awake, you can't use them as well as during the daytime. Especially in the winter when there's less sunshine.
Then to dress up, it's necessary they know approximately what weather there is and what you need to wear. Ideally they should watch the weather news or read it in the newspaper.
The older boys master all this very well. I could let them teach this to the young one.

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