Saturday, December 22, 2007

How to make a feedpoem

First you need a blog.
Then get your feeds burned at feedburner.
Then get a statistics counter for your feeds.
Then keep up posting until you have about 25-100 views a day.
Then go to your stats and click 'items'.
This will give a list of items that were visited that day.
Then copy paste the list on your post.
You now have a feedpoem.

Here's the feedpoem for friday, 21 december 2007.

blogrolls and swapping links
Puzzle Sunday (31)
News on global warming
an educated guess at Yale
low on red please
the need for tactile schools
Puzzle Sunday (27)
The frustrated prismaparticles
de gulden snede is very Dutch
Dear cultural parodycenter,
Sorry I
Blame and your self
Puzzle Sunday (30)
15 for less family stress
my secret passion as a mom
Puzzle Sunday (32)
Puzzle Sunday (26)
prisma light
Puzzle Sunday (33)
The raven
scaffold the morning ritual
a gap between pratice and theory
Puzzle funday (29)
prismatic reverse

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