Sunday, October 7, 2007

Tracking content

I've started working at my article about blogging, and now for some weeks I've played with feedstatistics and commenting.
The strangest decision that lies ahaid is if I'm going to write the article in English or in Dutch first. Blogging has a terminology that I prefer to use in English, because most of what I read about blogging is written in English. The Dutch words are less precise.

This site gives advise how to use statistics from your blog to understand what happens when you post, which pages attract readers and if these are your loyal readers or rather unique visitors. I bookmarked this site on , simply because there was an icon to do so.

The problem with my article is that it's a collection of interesting ideas, but it doesn't have structure. This reminds me of the picture of caffeinated spider... Maybe I should reduce my coffee drinking?

As allways, for every question I can imagine, google gives an answer. But is it what I'm after?

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