Sunday, October 14, 2007

more timehacks

Would you like to save time e.g. to write more? One way is clever use of your time. Take a look at this timehacks list . Another smart way to save time is a printable grocery list, especially if someone else helps make it. Another way is to hack it the way J. Wynia does it. I would add I've been using old receits from the supermarket. Read them at the dentist. Also eating the same thing certain days of the week - a weekly routine - is a way to save time. I don't like to do everything the same, so I use different vegetables and spices in the weekly stew.
Have a list of things you would want to buy some time this year. When you're near a shop and you happen to see the item for a good price, you can buy it quicker, because the decision has already been taken to do so.

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