Friday, October 12, 2007

selfreflection after Lou Reed

One day I realised I'm not nothing. I came after punk and after Lou Reed. I came after horrendous wars and after the moonwalk. I realise that I'm the product of all this and more. The generation before me told me I was nothing and nothingness was better. History was wrong and led to badness. Then bad was fashion, because nothing meant anything.
I'm so happy I found friends in books; voices from other worlds and other ages. The meaning I felt exists and I can share it through thought, which I consider to be elaborated feeling. It crosses barriers of dogma, countries and time as if it were light. I'm not nothing, I'm the result of rich history and lessons from the past. I can disagree with my friends and criticise them, but they make me think and give my life meaning. Light is everywhere, if you open your mind to it.

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