Sunday, October 28, 2007

a gap between pratice and theory

There's a gap between science and education and industries of the future can go close this gap. An example: a teacher may discover a boy who has difficulty to read. He uses all the tricks he knows (practical knowledge) on the child. It doesn't work. Then he decides to get help. The psychologist gets a turn. Doesn't help. They then turn on science and read articles on neurology on dyslexia. They visit a scientist who says interesting things, but cannot point out a specific treatment. There's a gap.
Yesterday I watched awakenings and recognized the frustration when the doctor has an enormous amount of knowledge, but no handles to work with it. In this realm, the entry of Piaget and Feuerstein has yet to come it seems, or it seems it has just started comming, leaving room for artists and inventors, game-designers and musicians to fill the gap.

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