Sunday, September 23, 2007

Puzzle Sunday (22)

The BBC has a page on Leonardo da Vinci, the bright light of the Renaissance. On it, a test on what kind of thinker you might be. Or explore Leonardo's studio. It makes me think there was a very cool site on a filosofer on thinking somewhere in one of my first posts, about thinking monkeys, - seriously. Actually, what attracts me in her work is the original approach to the subject of thinking (besides that we're in a cannon together).


Shauna Magill said...

Very interesting! It said that I am an "Intrapersonal" and "Interpersonal" thinker, thank I should be a psychologist, social worker, teacher, etc. Fascinating and quite true. Thanks for sharing!

Odile S said...

Writers can be social workers, if they want...
thanks for visiting, Shauna.

ktismatics said...

I think this quiz should show the score for each type of thinker, rather than just assigning you to a single category. Still, it was fun. (Existential, it says I am.)

*new* item at Chez Odile is the metachat where Creatives and Thinkers meet.


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