Friday, March 30, 2007

Puzzle sunday (9)

Because I have so much to do I decided I would advance Puzzle Sunday. Here are some new wooden puzzles. Not for solving now but maybe for a present. I wish all problems could be solved, don't you? I know that this kind of puzzle can be quite difficult. Meantime I'm thinking about where to live. Anyone a suggestion? Maybe in the sea. Or across the sea, in the UK.
I hope everyone finds the way home (preschool level). Did you know that puzzles may help relax anxiety?


ktismatics said...

Have you changed your mind about moving near the schools you've learned about in the Netherlands? Or are getting frustrated? We too remain undecided -- stay in France or return to the States?

Odile S said...

Hi- We have decided to go for the good schools. It is wise for my husbands job too, and for the long term. After schools comes University, and for that we would be better located there.
A close friend is mooving there too with her children.
France vs America... sounds like a difficult choice. In the back of my head I'm tempted to go to France, but worried about education. Our youngest isn't in preschool yet buy starts reading, writing, drawing and adding numbers. I'm finished experimenting, he needs to go to a good school.

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