Saturday, March 17, 2007

DNA home of memory?

A new find of Miller and Sweatt (2007) may support both the possibility for inheriting memory through DNA and changing DNA through learning.
(see the comments about the link, just click you're sure it is not a spam link)
What if we can inherit memory through DNA? This would explain why there is instinct and recall of trauma without the knowledge of the story. Is methylation the key to the script of our family history? It may give an alternative explanation to why some people are prone to create false memories in Lab situations. The memory isn't false, but doesn't match present history, because it matches prior history.
My idea though is that if our genes is a book, we are not the book, but we live through the book.


ktismatics said...

When I clicked your link to the Miller and Sweatt article, I got a message saying I'd followed the link of a known spammer. What have you been doing, chez Odile?

Odile S said...

O no... I'm a spammer? And I didn't know?

Odile S said...

I'm going to check the links right away. I copy paste the links from google...

Odile S said...

There is a note in the message that says to click a certain link if you're sure the referrer is not a spammer. If you do this, you get the article that I'm referring to. I didn't know linking to articles is now referred to as spam. I feel hurt just a little bit.

ktismatics said...

I feel hurt too. Consequently, I refuse to read their article. (Perhaps that site had a massive outbreak of spam and they've quarantined themselves.)

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