Sunday, March 25, 2007

Puzzle sunday (8)

Because I'm busy to find a house in a certain region, I use maps a lot these days. So I link a map puzzle today. This jigsaw has countries as pieces of the puzzle.


ktismatics said...

Are you thinking of moving to the region with the good schools? How far is it from where you currently live?

We are currently trying to decide whether to stay in France through lycee, or return to the USA for the beginning of high school next year. Our daughter attends a public international school. Sadly, all the international students wish to return to their home countries.

Odile S said...

Yes, we're thinking (and doing it) of moving to the other region. It is a combination of good schools and some green and quiet that we are trying to find (among other things).
It must be a hard choice for you to decide what to do. One of the reasons we decided to move here is that there is space. If we move to a city we will have to get used to losing space. Somehow there are so many aspects to consider. I already signed my older girl up for the school, but I'm also keeping the possibility open to stay here.
The decisive part of our decision is that the new school has a special program for children that would be ideal for our daughter.
They understand that sometimes children don't perform well because the level is too low. This is contra-intuitive for teachers. When you don't give a good answer, make it more easy is the standard response.
I have no idea how French education really is, I'm afraid. I have a URL, in the archive of my French blog somewhere that might be useful for you.

Frank Baron said...

I did countries with borders in 2 minutes and 48 seconds!

I think I won!!


Odile S said...

Wow Frank, that's impressive!

and thanks for stopping by again.


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