Thursday, April 29, 2010

exploration parent

Now I am working on a concept to help at school for enrichment of the program. I will be an 'enrichment parent'. This doesn't cost money for school, I can contribute to the education of my children and share my knowledge (I have studied psychology including statistics) and explorative fun. Every child that is motivated (or if motivation is the problem, needs this) is welcome. The concept of enrichment parents involves adapting to the level, interest, learning disabilities, knowledge of the child, therefore I choose to work with mind mapping. If one child only wants to make drawings and the other to search in literature, it's completely okay with me. I start from what the child already can say, knows, can read, can find, has concepts about. We learn how to learn. We add. If a teacher has a special request, I'll be helping. If a teacher wants me to search for info I'll do that.

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