Thursday, April 15, 2010

Anxiety for creativity

Discussing the role of the brain in creativity is something like discussing the role of the carparts in riding. It usually leaves out the part of the one who steers the brain. But even so, with the use of technologies, e.g. MRI we can observe what parts of the brain are active when we make music or solve a problem. Howard Gardner discovered that specialisation of brain exists calling this different intelligences. A musical intelligent brain uses different parts of the brain more than a maths / reasonning brain. The question is, is this due to a preference of the soul that shapes the brain as it matures, is it shaped through nurture or is it innate? I know a psychiatrist and he is not too happy with my idea about the existence of the soul. We differ in opinion. Through meditation I've experienced some of the potential of the soul. I've seen this explained in an article on thinking. Thinking with the soul is another level of thinking that surpasses the rational and programmed and preference.

In this paper, the role of anxiety is discussed in performing music. In an anxious experience, I percieved myself outside of my body. As if I were a soul looking down at my body. Thoughts seemed to have endless time. I was in a place quiet. Untill I drew back into my body. But knew then what to do. Maybe playing music with the abilities of the soul is induced by some anxiety.

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Odile S said...

In her comment Tammy wrote in chinese:
Humanity's greatest tragedy is not death, but did not grasp the meaning of life
(courtesy translation google vertalen)
Was she saying I was missing the point? Unluckily she linked to a site that I don't appreciate.
So I deleted her comment.

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