Sunday, May 25, 2008

psychology museum

Every piece of art is a personal lesson in psychology, a lesson for life, not for a museum.

What piece of art is a lesson for you?

Does art make you feel alive and vibrant?

Art is a projection of words fixed in time.

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YEL said...

Yes, art does make me feel alive (i.e., reminds me that I am a human being, with feelings —joy, sadness, etc.—), but not always it makes me vibrant. Some pieces of art are quite moving, but also deeply sad. Some examples: Tchaikovsky's symphonies no. 5 & no. 6, very moving and beautiful, but also full of sadness. Also, movies like The Pianist (2002), The Hours (2002).

I am not very much a religious man, but the great pieces of religious choral music by Bach, Händel, Mozart, and others deeply move me.

Lessons for life? In my personal choice, I would have to name the movies like the two above, or The Mission (1986), some of the movies from Chaplin, or pieces of music like Beethoven’s 5th. and 9th. symphonies, or his Emperor Piano Concert. There should be many examples that can be taken from literature, but sorry, I am not very much into literature (it’s my loss, I know; that’s something I am trying to fix now as an adult).

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